NECS Bathroom Remodeling Contractors, Boston Massachusetts

Turn your bath into a sanctuary

If you’re looking for a bathroom remodeling contractor in Boston who can transform any old style bathroom into something brand new, NECS is the company for you! Boston’s bath remodeling experts, we have a knack for preserving the look of vintage baths but with all the modern amenities you would expect, combining the classic with the contemporary.

The bathroom is a place to relax and to feel good. Unlike most of the other areas of your home, the bath is a place of privacy; therefore the bathroom design will be entirely different than other types of your interior home design. Not only will it have a clean look, our bath remodeling project will transform your bath into a tranquil and inviting place that feels homey lends itself to solace.

Custom storage and closet organization for bathrooms

NECS can help you declutter with custom bath cabinetry to give you more room, too. Our custom closet organizing design and installation services feature innovative ways to make your bathroom more functional, allowing ample storage for towels, bedding, baskets, toiletries, cosmetics, and more right at your fingertips. We can design custom shelving for master baths, guest baths, kids baths, and even laundry rooms or hallways. It’s the built-in solution to bathroom storage. As expert bath designers, NECS will show you ways to expand your bathroom area to make it far more spacious and enjoyable.

While we’re remodeling the bathroom, our energy efficiency experts will evaluate any old fixtures or bathroom fittings that could be costing you a fortune on your energy bill. Some of our customers are happily surprised at the money they save by adding bath insulation, updating bathroom windows or replacing shower heads and old toilets with new energy efficient models. Wouldn’t you like to save money on your water, electric, and heating bill? Bathroom remodeling is one room that can make a tremendous difference on those utility bills.

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