Belmont Renovation

This sprawling 2016 renovation on prestigious Belmont Hill features 5 bedrooms, and 4.5 baths appointed with accommodations suited to today’s lifestyle. A vaulted ceiling leads into an open concept kitchen featuring two sinks and two dishwashers, quartz counter tops, stainless steel appliances, wine cooler and kitchen island. A dining and great room living area overlooks splendid country like contoured grounds. The lower level recreation space has direct entry from the oversized garage.


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Harrison Lofts Renovation

This is a unit that we renovated that was 1,400 square feet with an additional 800 square feet created by adding a mezzanine level. The high ceilings enabled us to maximize the use of space. This renovation showcases our specialty which includes extensive knowledge of Boston Buildings, zoning codes and building techniques. We work with our clients, designers and architects to add value by creating functional design.

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South Boston Water Damage Repair at Harrison Avenue

South Boston Water damage Repair Harrison Avenue

This project is another recent renovation on Harrison Avenue in South Boston MA. Renovation was required due to water damage.

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South Boston Commercial Space Remodel

South Boston Commercial Space Remodel

Commercial Space Remodel in South Boston MA

This project was recently completed for a frame shop in Boston. The entire 1,200 square feet of space was demolished and rebuilt including all floor and walls.

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485 Harrison Avenue Boston MA – Harrison Lofts

485 Harrison Avenue Boston MA

485 Harrison Avenue – Harrison Loft Apartments, Boston MA

This is a unit that we renovated that was 1,400 square feet with an additional 800 square feet created by adding a mezzanine level. The high ceilings enabled us to maximize the use of space. This renovation showcases our specialty which includes extensive knowledge of Boston Buildings, zoning codes and building techniques. We work with our clients, designers and architects to add value by creating functional design.

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Discover why more property managers and commercial businesses choose NECS

Commercial building contractors in Boston or the surrounding area may be plentiful, but those who have the time-tested experience and unique skill set of New England Construction Systems are far and fewer between. Hotels, condos and commercial property owners in Massachusetts retain NECS to remodel lobbies, condos, apartments or to rejuvenate old buildings which they can rent out as office units or tenant occupied living areas.

We are known for dynamic commercial construction expertise, having worked on hundreds of projects throughout New England over the past 10 years. During that time we have established ourselves as premier providers of panelized wall systems, open floor trusses, roof trusses, concrete flooring contractors, and commercial remodeling contractors for interiors and exteriors of many types of commercial buildings.

The best commercial construction in Boston Massachusetts

Aside from providing high quality commercial building construction, NECS handles large and small building renovations, building repositioning, lobby design, and corporate interior design. We work some of Boston’s most prestigious architects to create stunning industrial designs. The improvements we have made to many of the commercial buildings in Boston and surrounding suburbs help to revive the city and preserve the historical essence of Massachusetts. This is something we take great pride in achieving.

Commercial and Industrial Building Services for Projects like:

- Designing or redesigning corporate headquarters

- Lobby renovations

- Both occupied and unoccupied office revamps

- Retail centers

- Hotels, restaurants and tourism centers

- Banks and other high-traffic commercial centers

- Office interiors – both design and finish work

- Commercial flooring installation

- Warehouse updates – including concrete services

- … and more!

If you own a commercial property in or near Boston, or if you are a property investor whose role is to take old, ugly buildings and bring them back to ‘like new’ condition, trust the best commercial building contractor in New England to get your project done most efficiently, affordably, and with the utmost attention to detail. Just like you, our livelihood depends on providing excellence so together we can create a truly impressive commercial building overhaul that will suit your needs without busting your budget.

Contact us today for expert general contracting services and trusted guidance.


Experience quality craftsmanship with Boston’s building specialists

New England Construction Systems are general contractors by practical terms, but there is nothing “general” about our building contracting capabilities. With a highly capable and talented team of construction artists, we are known for amazing home remodeling capabilities and commercial renovation expertise.

Specializing in loft renovation for homes, condos, apartments and commercial properties, our services span throughout Boston Massachusetts and beyond. We have a reputation for contemporary styling with a designer look. NECS can modernize any old building, keeping its classic charm while bringing the building up-to-date with a facelift.

Providing specialty building services in Boston and beyond

What sets New England Construction Systems apartment from other specialty building designers in Massachusetts is our attention to details. From magnificent trimming to space-expanding designs, we can create specialty details like spiral staircases, walls with glass, pocket doors, and designer steel railings or archways. These are just a few of the specialty building details we may suggest and implement to bring out the best in a building’s architecture. NECS incorporates specialty lighting, flooring and high ceilings using existing features such as; pipes, skylights, roof decks, vents, or stairways to add elegance.

Custom shelving to get organized

One of the specialty building services NECS is most known for is our custom shelving and bookcase designs to make a room more organized and functional. You’ll be shocked and surprised at how much more space you can add to any room with custom shelves for bedrooms, dens and living areas, kids playrooms, bathrooms, kitchen pantry shelving, utility or laundry room shelves and even in the garage. Maximize space with elegant shelves that hide the clutter and look tailor made to fit your home… because they are! In fact, NECS can apply custom built closets most anywhere. Add a home office or fix up the basement. No matter what your ideas may entail, we can build it for you.

Embrace the old with a home remodeling rejuvenation or make the most of your home and office space with elements of concrete, steel or wood for a distinctive touch of sophistication. You’ll be happy you contacted NECS for your home building project in Boston or beyond.


Bring New Light To Any Room

Let the light shine into your life while making the most of your space for the ultimate enjoyment. NECS general contractor services include more than just exceptional building expertise; we provide stunning design concepts and high quality craftsmanship. Our home remodeling projects and commercial remodeling projects run the gamut from brand new custom built lofts, atriums and lobbies to complete overhauls of once dingy buildings that need a redo. Lighting is the trick to make a room feel warm and welcoming, versus dark and depressing.

Our Boston lighting contractors will work with you to make more effective use of your space, while cutting energy bills through our unique lighting concepts. This includes kitchen and bathroom lighting, living room lighting, bedroom lighting or any room within your home. Whenever possible we like to use sky lights, sun lighting, natural lighting strategies and gorgeous track or ceiling lights to accentuate the best features of your home, apartment, condo or office.

Boston commercial lighting experts

Our lighting contracting services in New England also cater to businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, high-rises and property management firms or real estate agencies. NECS is known throughout the area for their very distinctive lighting concepts that work to magically make a whole room feel more open and spacious. We strive to build relationships with the firms we work with by providing reliable commercial and industrial lighting services. When real estate brokers, property managers or building owners call us they expect prompt attention and cost conscientiousness. That’s something we’ve built our reputation on and take great pride in achieving.

Don’t just imagine what it would be like to transform your home, office or commercial property into one of enjoyment and comfort… call on NECS to create a breathtaking environment that our creative lighting designers will help to come to fruition. You’ll be happily surprised at how much money you could be saving on your utility bills by incorporating modern lighting strategies to your residence! Contact NECS to learn more. Let the light guide you here!


Marble Tile, Hardwood, Carpet and Decorative Concrete Flooring Contractors

Perhaps one of the most often overlooked – yet most essential elements of a great room design is the flooring. We work with numerous combinations of tile, hardwood, decorative concrete and carpet contractors to help achieve the most appropriate function and design.

From initial flooring selection, our flooring design experts will recommend the best flooring options for high performance, quality, color scheme, room theme and even how economical or environmentally friendly the flooring choices will be for every client’s needs. That is because Boston residential flooring customers require a different set of services than our commercial and industrial flooring corporate clients.

But whether it is for a home or business, our floor covering services will be tailored to the needs of every customer and will be installed to meet the highest of expectations. We’ll even leave you with proper maintenance instructions to ensure the long-lasting beauty of your new flooring.

Massachusetts Flooring Installation and Rejuvenation

Even though Boston and the surrounding area are known for its old buildings and historical charm, every great building – whether old or new – deserves a facelift. From floor to ceiling; our flooring contractors have experience both in restoration projects, as well as custom home, loft and condo building and commercial building contracting services throughout Massachusetts. We take pride in helping our customers choose the best flooring to suit the personality of the building, never skimping on attention to detail but always with a consciousness for cost.

Some of the New England floor installation services we offer include:

- Decorative concrete

- Hardwood floors

- Tile flooring – both ceramic tile and porcelain tile

- Laminate and vinyl floors

- Many types of carpeting – both indoor and outdoor carpet

- Marble floors

- Bamboo or cork flooring


Our goal is always to create that “Wow” factor whenever guests come to your home or office after we have installed the new flooring. Even if your flooring doesn’t need new installation but perhaps seems “dull” or lifeless, NECS can provide decorative concrete polishing and flooring enhancements to create a stunning display.

We believe that flooring represents an essential part of a room’s decorative appeal. Contact us today for a free flooring restoration estimate or to talk about your ideas. We’ll help you restore an old floor to better than new, or start from the square one if that is the best option for your flooring rejuvenation goals.



Turn your bath into a sanctuary

If you’re looking for a bathroom remodeling contractor in Boston who can transform any old style bathroom into something brand new, NECS is Boston’s bath remodeling experts. We have a knack for preserving the look of vintage baths but with all the modern amenities you would expect, combining the classic with the contemporary.

The bathroom is a place to relax and to feel good. Unlike most of the other areas of your home, the bath is a place of privacy; therefore the bathroom design will be entirely different than other types of your interior home design. Not only should it have a clean look, our bath remodeling project will transform your bath into a tranquil and inviting place that feels homey and that lends itself to solace.

Custom storage and closet organization for bathrooms

NECS can help you declutter with custom bath cabinetry to give you more room, too. Our custom closet organizing design and installation services feature innovative ways to make your bathroom more functional, allowing ample storage for towels, bedding, baskets, toiletries, cosmetics and more at your fingertips. We can design custom shelving for master baths, guest baths, kids baths, and even laundry rooms or hallways. It’s the built-in solution to bathroom storage. As expert bath designers, NECS will show you ways to expand your bathroom area to make it far more spacious and enjoyable.

While we’re remodeling the bathroom, our energy efficiency experts will evaluate any old fixtures or bathroom fittings that could be costing you a fortune on your energy bill. Some of our customers are happily surprised at the money savings they acquire by adding bath insulation, updating bathroom windows or replacing showerheads and old toilets with new energy efficient models. Wouldn’t you like to save money on your water, electric and heating bill? Bathroom remodeling is one room that can make a tremendous difference on those utility bills.

Contact us for remodeling condos, lofts and apartments or even to update commercial properties for hotels, restaurants or old building restoration projects. We have a special knack for maximizing space and creating sensational lighting to give your bathroom a warm and inviting appeal.

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“After having a family we outgrew our small bathroom rather quickly. NECS came in and redesigned a whole new bath without sacrificing a lot of extra space in our home. We gave it a complete overhaul and added a separate bathtub and shower, which helps us save money on the water. The new closets give me more room to store towels and stuff so I really enjoy the bathroom a whole lot more not having clutter and laundry all over the floor. I highly recommend bath remodeling by NECS.”

Beth Steward, Stoneham Massachusetts

Boston Massachusetts