Experience quality craftsmanship with Boston’s building specialists

NECS is a general contractor by practical terms, but there is nothing “general” about our building contracting capabilities. With a highly capable and talented team of construction artists, we are known for amazing home remodeling capabilities and commercial renovation expertise.

Specializing in loft renovation for homes, condos, apartments and commercial properties, our services span throughout Boston, Massachusetts and beyond. We have a reputation for contemporary styling with a designer look. NECS can modernize any old building, keeping its classic charm while bringing the building up-to-date with a facelift.

Providing specialty building services in Boston and beyond

What sets NECS apartment from other specialty building designers in Massachusetts is our attention to details. From magnificent trimming to space-expanding designs, we can create specialty details like spiral staircases, walls with glass, pocket doors, and designer steel railings or archways. These are just a few of the specialty building details we may suggest and implement to bring out the best in a building’s architecture. NECS incorporates specialty lighting, flooring and high ceilings using existing features such as; pipes, skylights, roof decks, vents, or stairways to add elegance.

Custom shelving to get organized

One of the specialty building services NECS is most known for is our custom shelving and bookcase designs to make a room more organized and functional. You’ll be shocked and surprised at how much more space you can add to any room with custom shelves for bedrooms, dens and living areas, kids playrooms, bathrooms, kitchen pantry shelving, utility or laundry room shelves and even in the garage. Maximize space with elegant shelves that hide the clutter and look tailor made to fit your home… because they are! In fact, NECS can apply custom built closets most anywhere. Add a home office or fix up the basement. No matter what your ideas may entail, we can build it for you.

Embrace the old with a home remodeling rejuvenation or make the most of your home and office space with elements of concrete, steel or wood for a distinctive touch of sophistication. You’ll be happy you contacted NECS for your home building project in Boston or beyond.

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